Mikhail Shumakov

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About Myself

I am Mikhail Shumakov, 12 years old. I’ve been in love with composing since I started learning music. I moved into the United States from Russia in 2019 and even back then I was intrigued by music. I hope that you will enjoy my work!

Outstanding Performance

Mikhail Shumakov is a talented whiz kid who did tremendous progress in two years of music instruction. His current performance level is what usually takes 4-5 years of hard work. Mikhail developed outstanding sightreading skills and can even grasp complex musical concepts and transform them into his compositions and improvisations. Check out the videos below to get an idea.

Compositions from Mikhail Shumakov

The Testimonial

Mickhail is a dedicated and gifted student. It is a pleasure to teach him. Hanspeter Tschupp, Piano Teacher
He is by far our most creative and aspirational student composer. Trevor Morris, Lab Supervisor
Very committed to his Musicianship
He is always working on his original compositions at the computer station. I enjoy when he shares what he is working on with me. Avril Sanjuanelo,  School Director
Extraordinary, Energetic, and Creative
I love seeing Mikhail being inspired and being joyful when he composes music. Mother of  Mikhail Shumakov

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