4 Manual Symphonic Organ

Westchase Music School will add a Symphonic Organ based on the Hauptwerk software and Vienna Symphonic Sample Library. This will be an useful addition to our Composer Workstation at our school.

The instrument will have 4 wood core tracker-manuals and pedal. Organ will be build according to AGO (American Guild of Organists) specifications. The new virtual organ will be open to all qualified students of Westchase Music School that already work on our Composer Workstation.

Various sample sets will be available such as the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Additionally samples from the Vienna Symphonic Library will be implemented that will allow students to play a solo instrument, ensemble or full orchestra. The system will have a 12 channel audio system with surround sound and a powerful subwoofer that can reproduce sounds down to 16.35 Hz which is the frequency of a lowest C-zero pitch from a 32 feet high, open labial organ pipe.

A full Vienna percussion set will also be available. Key functionality will be provided by MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and versatile routing of any instrument and expression to one of the 4 keyboards or pedal or control button such as pistons and toe studs. Also students who are not familiar with playing the pedal boar can use it for activating percussion samples such as a Drum or Timpani. For more information click here.

Hauptwerk Tampa