Finale Tutorials

Finale is an incredibly flexible program for music transcription, notation, playback, and publishing. Incorporating elements of a word processor, a graphics designer, a sequencer, and a page-layout program, Finale has all the power you need to create beautiful-looking sheet music and a world-class audio performance. Easier than ever to learn and use, this program has the potential to help you produce more music—both printed and played—faster and better than ever before.

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Finale Tutorials

A good idea to get accustomed to the Finale Software is to download a free Trial Version on your Laptop or Home Computer. The trial version is available both for PC and MAC. It has all the functionality and features for 30 days. After that period you cannot save or print documents anymore. But you can still use the software for practicing. This way you have an ideal “sandbox” to test the features that are explained in the Finale Tutorials.

If you are serious and want to install it on your private computer with all the features, you can obtain an Academic Version of Finale.

Video Tutorials

The following Tutorials are short videos and pick up a single topic “with how to do” instructions.